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World Class Racing, Fashion and Gourmet Food

Two fabulous days of world class racing await you for the Irish Oaks Weekend. Saturday 20th July starts the weekend off featuring our third classic of the season, especialy for 3yr old fillies, The Irish Oaks, supported by a top quality race card. Sunday 21st also features top quality racing. Two fabulous days where International Trainers and Jockeys and Equine Superstars come to settle scores and confirm their reputations. World Class Racing, Gourmet Food, Stunning Fashion and top quality entertainment ensure that this perfect summer festival race meeting delivers the ultimate race fan experience at the best racecourse in the world. Do Not Miss It !

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Our exclusive Race & Stay™ Packages let you check in and chill out leaving you free to enjoy your luxury stay and world class racing in style and comfort. Our package prices start from as low as €129 pp but we have offers to suit all budgets, tastes and requirements including our new Gold and Platinum Tour Packages featuring the best accommodation, racecourse hospitality, exciting events and behind the scenes extras and side tours.
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Visitor Guide & Information

All You Need To Know About The Irish Oaks Weekend

About The Curragh

The Curragh Racecourse is located on a large grassy plain approximately 50km from Dublin Airport and City center on the main M7 / N7 motorway route in the “Horse County” of Kildare, one of the world’s foremost racing and breeding areas. Steeped in racing history from the early 17th century the Curragh runs all 5 classic races throughout the season starting in late May with the Irish Guineas Weekend, late June for the Irish Derby Festival, mid– July for the Irish Oaks and early September for the Irish St Leger, now part of the fabulous Longines Irish Champions Weekend. Aside from the 5 “classics” the Curragh also runs on 13 other race days often featuring high class group racing with some of the best international horses and jockeys taking part in truly enthralling racing action. The Curragh is not just a racecourse, the vast plain encompasses Irish Army barracks, training facilities, an equine pool, golf courses and is also home to many of the best trainers in the country. A wide racecourse with wonderful limestone turf of nearly 2 miles in horseshoe shape the horses run right handed across mildly undulating plain to a slightly uphill finish. It is widely recognized as one, if not the best, racecourses in the world.

Following 2 years of intensive redevelopment the NEW Curragh Grandstands and Facilities will be unvieled to our guests at our first meeting of the season on Saturday 13th April 2019 with the official opening taking place on Friday 24th May. Over 100m will have been spent by the time we are ready for business with the stunning new Curragh Grandstands as the centrepiece of this investment. Fabulous new restaurants, private suites, guest facilities, public bars and viewing areas await you on arrival at this historic venue. Not forgetting the total re-build of the site, car parking, equine facilities, gallops and training grounds. The Curragh has always been one of the wolrd's best racecourses now we have the facilities to match the hallowed turf we race on.

Curragh Facilities

Full information will appear here when our ticket and hospitality pricing is launched on February 28th 2019.

About The Oaks Weekend

Irish Oaks Weekend is the perfect attraction for both locals, tourists and those in the racing industry. The Irish Oaks is the pinnacle of the summer of the flat race season attracting the very best horses from the Europe, UK and Island of Ireland. Over the course of the weekend many international human and equine superstars take to the track to settle scores and confirm reputations and to compete for record prize money. Thousands of racegoers will flock to the racecourse each day to witness the best trainers, jockeys and equine stars in action. The Weekend is a lively, fun event with music, fashion and craic complementing the excellent racing on offer each day. Knowlegeable race-goers mingle with guests who come for a variety of reasons, maybe its the valuable fashion prizes that attract some but mainly its the fabulous atmosphere that The Irish Oaks generates that keeps the racegoers happy, and especially this year as it's the first year the NEW Curragh grandstands will be in use.

Saturday 20th JUly

Information will be available from the 28th February

Sunday 21st July

Information will be available from the 28th February

What to Wear

There is no formal dress code except no offensive dress anywhere and no sportswear, shorts or t shirts please in the hospitality areas. Especially on big race days guests do dress for the occasion. Ladies tend to wear dresses with hats, Gentlemen wear suits or slacks with a collared shirt and jacket. Formal wear is not at all necessary. Smart casual works always on all race days but you are very welcome to dress how you feel most comfortable. The choice is yours how you dress for the day, and of course the weather.
For Ladies
Wear what is appropriate for the weather, what you feel most comfortable in and also what is suitable for the environment you are booked for. Hospitality guests usually dress up for the occasion, Ticket only guests tend to be less formal in their choice of outfit. A nice dress, Trouser suit or Top and Skirt will always work well in any location, Hats look great, whether they be fascinators or headwear. Block colours work as well as do simple plain colours or designs, again, dress in what makes you feel good and your confidence will shine through. Racing is a long day out and good shoes are important. Those nice looking trendy killer heels may end up being your worst enemy at the end of the day.
Again wear what is most appropriate for the weather, you cant go wrong with a good suit or quality slacks, collared shirt and tailored jacket. No T shirts or sportswear, smart casual is fine and is generally the rule. If you have booked hospitality you’ll find most guests will dress up, but the wearing of jackets and ties is by no means compulsory. If you have booked tickets only then the attire tends to be much more casual and as always don’t forget that a good pair of comfortable shoes is a godsend.
Our advice is to have a glam day out and go for it !!!

Betting In Ireland

There are two betting options in Ireland, The Tote and Bookmakers.
The Tote
The Tote is pool betting similar to the USA and other EU counties. Tote staff will come around your tables and be available in various locations on course throughout the afternoon to take your bets and hopefully pay out as well !! Trifecta’s, Exacta’s and other exotic type bets are available on nearly every race. Please ask your tote staff if you have any questions about what bets are available on each race.
Bookmakers offer bets according to the price shown on their board for each horse at the time of the bet. Odds are displayed as fractions e.g. 2/1 which means if you bet €1 you get €2 back plus your stake. When you place a bet with a bookmaker they will give you a ticket which shows your bet and the potential return should you win. Most bookmakers will also take bets on “away races” that is races at other Irish and UK racecourses. Bookmakers are located in the betting ring (as its called) which is a fast paced, lively and noisy place. Bookmakers often vary in the odds they offer on each horse so do shop around for the best value. They may also take bets with or without the race favourite and each way bets for a horse to be placed in the first 2 in races up to 8 runners, first 3 in races of 8 or over runners and the first 4 in races that are handicap’s with 16 or more runners. If in doubt please do ask the bookmaker before you place your bet. As soon as you have placed your bet please look at your ticket and make sure that it is correct as mistakes cannot be rectified during or after a race.

Currency Exchange & ATM’s

There are ATM machines at the racecourses but they are always busy on big Race Days. Restaurants and Bars do take Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Visa Debit cards for any transaction if required. We do not accept American Express or Diners Cards in any area. Our advice is to ensure that you have enough Euro’s before you arrive and to only use the ATM’s if you have to.

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