At Race and Stay, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our web site(s). We want you to know that we are not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. We just don’t do that sort of thing. But just in case you don’t believe us, in this Privacy Policy, we’ve provided lots of detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

Who We Are
Race and Stay™ is a registered trading name of Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited, (Registered in Ireland No: 685451). We are a 100% Irish owned limited company with offices in County Kildare. We are the sole authorised agent for Race and Stay Packages, Tickets and Hospitality Packages. Starting in 2013 we have grown quickly and up until December 2021 we had booked over 35,000 guests into various hotels for a variety of stays from simple 1-night B+B with racing to more detailed 7 or 10-night holiday packages with racing, golf and other activities as part of their trip. In 2022 we will handle more than 6,000 Race and Stay and hospitality guests, booking more than 5,000 room nights in our featured hotels. We will also transport and manage over 1,000 guests this season for a variety of agents worldwide. We also deal with several official Racing Agencies and act as Irish Agents for Tour Companies.

We deal with all aspects of guest requirements which can include: airport transfers, ground transportation, racecourse admission and hospitality packages, side trips and a bespoke concierge service. Essentially - “Whatever you want, we will provide it”. In order to provide these services we work with a number of selected Hotels, Transport companies, Racecourses, Businesses and organisations. Our clients come from all countries and all occupations. We have party groups, social and racing clubs, other tour agent’s guests, couples, friend’s group’s, and VIP guests who regularly book with us. Our reputation is excellent, both with customers and the suppliers we work with to deliver the perfect racing package to our clients. We are also the ONLY official appointed guest management agent for many Irish racecourses and Hotels.

What Information about you do we collect
Customer Enquiries
If you contact us via email or telephone we will receive your request and pass this information to one of our staff who will respond to your query. This information will be only what you supply to us. We do not record telephone converstaions or pass your information to any organisation without your prior consent. Your email enquiry will be stored on our computers until such time as it may be no longer required. We will, of course, remove any enquiry you make to us from our computers on request.
If you Book with Us
If you chose to book with us we will require certain information about your requirements to make the booking. Your name, contact details and trip / package information will be collected by us via email or telephone and we will store this information on our office computers and also in files appertaining to the event you have booked for. We have a legal obligation to retain this information for 10 years under Irish Company law.
Online Payments
We use Stripe and Paypal to collect payments online for the services we provide. WE NEVER store credit or payment data and in making payments to us through Stripe and Paypal you are agreeing to their terms of service and privacy policies.
Offline Payments
We use AIB bank to provide our company with banking services. If you pay us via Bank Transfer we will receive information about the transaction but we do not store this information.

Who will you give my personal information to?
In order to complete your purchase from us we will need to provide the companies we work with certain information about your booking with us. This information will consist of your name, number of guests in your party, your contact telephone number and / or email address and your booked requirements. We do not provide any orgaisation we work with permission to share or use your information outside of the scope of providing a service we have booked for you.

Access to your personal information
Under GDPR, you are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to our data protection officer at
Using our website:
Our website ( uses cookies. The purpose of the cookies is solely to assist in the sale of tickets and services from our website. Please see below for our Cookie Policy.
Customer Usage:
Customer usage is tracked to ensure that customers supplying payment information can do so in a safe and secure manner. When a customer uses our website, a session cookie is created. This creates a unique identifier, ensuring that your details can only be attached to your purchase, guarding against fraudulent activity. The session cookies have a short lifespan and ‘time-out’ after a short period of time. The cookies are not logged by us and we do not retain a record.
Calling Us:
We do not collect Calling Landline Identification (CIL) or any other information on the origins of a call. We do not record or retain phone conversations.
Emailing us:
Any emails sent to us are recorded and forwarded to the relevant section. The sender’s email address will remain visible to all staff tasked with dealing with the query. Please be aware that it is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the content of their emails is within the bounds of the law. Unsolicited material of a criminal nature will be reported to the relevant authorities and blocked.

Making a complaint to us: When we take on a complaint, a file is generated. This will usually contain personal information about the complainant and any other individuals involved in the complaint. We will only collect personal information that is necessary to investigate the complaint. We do gather and publish case studies and statistical information on the number and type of cases we process, but all information is annonymised and does not identify any individual. We will usually have to disclose the complainant’s identity to whomever the case is against. We will try to facilitate a complainant who wishes to remain anonymous, but if a case proceeds it is generally inevitable that the identities of both parties are revealed. This is to ensure fairness in the legal process. If sensitive personal data is collected for the purposes of a complaint, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that it is safely processed. The information contained in complaint files will be kept in line with our retention policy. This means that information will be held for six years from the last date of action on the file. It will be kept in a secure environment and available only to those who need to access it. When we take enforcement action, we may publish the identity of the defendant in our Annual Report or elsewhere. We will not identify the complainant, unless the information is already in the public domain.

Access to personal information:
We will respond to Section 3 requests (confirmation of the existence of data) made under the Data Protection Acts, but we are not required to comply with Section 4 requests (release of data). This is to ensure fairness and privacy in the investigation process.
As far as possible, we will not disclose personal data without consent. However, when we investigate a complaint we may need to share personal information with the other parties concerned. We will consider any request for anonymity in respect of a case, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to enforce it. We will not disclose your personal data to third parties except in instances where an individual has consented to the disclosure, or we are obliged by law to disclose the data. Third parties to whom we may disclose information include organisations such as An Garda Síochána.

To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.
What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.
How do we use cookies?
We use cookies to identify you as a user and to remember your actions during the purchase of items from our website and to calculate charges when making a purchase from us. Cookies are "session cookies" and they expire after purchase from us. These cookies will not be used for any purpose other than the one stated. You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.

Website Use
Website Usage - Use of Website Material
The contents of this website may be freely accessed and downloaded on a temporary basis for personal use. However, the following acts are prohibited in respect of any of the content featured on this website:
Public performance or display
Any rental leasing or lending of any material obtained or derived from the website Unauthorized reproduction, including the extraction and/or storage in any retrieval system or inclusion in any other computer program or work

Copyright and Reproduction
Please note that copyright in all content comprising or contained within this website remains with Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited and other copyright owners as specified. For more information on obtaining permission to reproduce our website material, please contact us.

Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited respects the intellectual property rights of others. We have therefore taken all reasonable efforts to ensure that the reproduction of all content on these pages (including but not restricted to images, text, video and audio), is done with the full consent of copyright owners. If you have any queries in relation to this, please contact us. In the compilation of the website, every care has been taken to ensure accuracy. Where errors or omissions are brought to the attention of Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited amendments will be made as speedily as possible. However, the Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited does not accept any liability for direct or consequential loss caused to the user arising from anything contained in this site or for any error or omission in it. Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited makes no warranty that the website service will be uninterrupted or error free. Linking to external websites does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by Irish Masters Events Hospitality Limited of any products, services, policies or opinions of the organisation or individual. Please Note: All bookings taken on are subject to the terms and conditions shown on the website.

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